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Our Story

Austin Business Strategies, built on the foundation of 17 years of seasoned expertise, has carved out a distinguished reputation as a premier business consulting firm. Founded by an accomplished consultant, our company is committed to empowering businesses to unlock their true potential, propelling them toward remarkable success. Recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of each enterprise, we believe that strategic planning and meticulous execution act as the backbone of sustained growth. With our deep-rooted expertise, we are dedicated to guiding businesses through the complex avenues of funding and government procurement, arming them with the tools needed to seize profitable opportunities.

Our company motto, “The Home of Bank Ready®,” reflects our mission to support businesses through the intricate process of securing bank funding. We provide invaluable guidance, leveraging our thorough understanding of lender’s requirements to prepare businesses as appealing and viable investment propositions. Alongside funding, Austin Business Strategies has a solid record in facilitating successful collaborations between businesses and the government, particularly in procurement opportunities. Our intimate familiarity with the nuances of government contracts and procurement procedures empowers businesses to easily traverse bureaucratic complexities.

At Austin Business Strategies, we champion personalized attention, industry-specific insights, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Tailoring our strategies to each business’s unique needs and aspirations, we aim to deliver extraordinary results. We stand ready to assist, whether you are a startup in need of funding or an established entity exploring new growth avenues. Reach out to Austin Business Strategies today to learn how we can revolutionize your business, preparing you for unparalleled success in today’s competitive landscape. Together, let’s transform your vision into a thriving reality.


Our Founder & CEO

Welcome to the dynamic world of strategic business solutions with Jean’ Austin, a seasoned strategist and consultant specializing in financial readiness and procurement opportunities. With over 17 years of hands-on experience, Jean’ Austin’s expertise lies in empowering businesses of all scales and industries to unlock their full potential. He provides comprehensive guidance and tailors strategies to meet the unique goals and challenges of each organization, optimizing their path to growth and success.

Jean’ Austin’s core competencies include preparing companies for bank readiness, simplifying the complex financial landscape, and implementing robust financial controls. This process primes organizations for beneficial banking relationships and facilitates secure funding. In addition, his expertise in procurement opportunities utilizes strategic alliances and government contracts to broaden business horizons, tapping into new revenue streams and promoting sustainable growth.

Working with Jean’ Austin means partnering with a dedicated professional committed to your success. His holistic approach to consulting, encompassing financial and operational aspects, market dynamics, and long-term sustainability, ensures impactful results tailored to your business needs. Contact Jean’ Austin today and set your business on a path towards prosperity, leveraging his strategic insights and expertise for sustained success. Together, let’s unlock your business’s full potential.

Our Approach

Austin Business Strategies is dedicated to fostering the development of entrepreneurs and executives by offering customized advice, cutting-edge strategies, and industry expertise that enable them to excel in their respective business domains or boardroom settings.

Are you an ambitious individual seeking accelerated growth, but find yourself struggling to achieve it? Do you feel like your efforts are substantial, yet lacking in efficiency? At Austin Business Strategies, we assist entrepreneurs and executives in optimizing their performance and attaining their desired outcomes swiftly and effectively. By honing their strategic focus, streamlining their approach, and enhancing their results, we empower business owners to increase their revenue, reduce their workload, and enrich their lives. Experience the transformation you’ve been longing for with our comprehensive, results-driven solutions.

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